Geofencing for the wired doorbell

I recently installed a wired video doorbell and on top of the invite problem that does not allow me to share the device I also noticed that the geofencing option is not available.
Is that normal or is there something wrong because I don’t care about motion alerts when I’m at home but I would like to have them when I’m away. Having to manually switch from “home” to “away” is very tedious and for sure there will be many times when I will forget to do it.

So does anybody know if the geofencing should work with the wired doorbell?

Mine works…have you set location settings up in your phone appropriately?

I’ve given Location permission to the app.
Is there something else to set up?

Are you sure you are using the wired doorbell?
Here is the answer I got from Eufy Customer Support:
“As for the geofencing function for the wired doorbell, please know that the doorbell doesn’t support the Geofencing function currently.”

I have the wired door bell and 2 cams (2c).

I’ve done a firmware update and now can’t see any geofencing option…anywhere!!
I can’t remember where the options were now…

@Anker, is there any Solution? This function is essential!
Thanks for an answer…