Geofencing failing switch between home and away mode

I recently purchased the eufycam e.
My issue is with geofencing which doesn’t seem to update when I leave or enter my home. I have a iPhone XR and the eufy app has access to location constantly. I can be miles away from home and hours later it still has me in home mode.
Anyone any ideas?

One thing to try that just fixed it for me (or so it seems for the moment) is to disable offline maps and delete the current downloaded ones from google maps. I did that and this is the first time that its detected that I have returned home. However I am on android so not sure whether it would have the same effect on ios.

It’s never ever worked for me and partner, both on iPhone’s. All settings are correct, location set to always for Eufy app, no battery saving features are enabled? My old Arlo Pro cameras Geofencing feature worked flawlessly. Chatted with Eufy support, they acknowledged that the Eufy app losing location when iPhone is locked! Hoping they can fix and add being able to select Schedule from Geofencing.

Thanks I wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known it was going to be like this. Really frustrating hopefully they can sort it

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