Geofencing and Schedule (Together)

I use Geofencing and Schedule all the time.

It would be helpful to have Geofencing left on and then have my personalised schedule activate without switching off Geofencing (Arlo can do it)


I’d love this feature seems like a missed opportunity to bit have this

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eufysecurity please add this feature ASAP!!!


This is exactly what I am missing as well, a big let down! The possibility to use geofencing in a scheme to be able to have geofencing turned on during the day and “absent” during the night.

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Plus one. Would be a very useful feature.

Ah yes. Agree.

Also per camera/device schedule and geofencing when doing a custom security mode.

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Also waiting since years!

Any update on this happening???

Yep, this seems like a no brainer. It’s actually a key reason why I wouldn’t recommend Eufy to any friends or family. I want my cameras to become active when I leave the house (geofencing) and when we’re sleeping (scheduling). I can do both. So I either manually do one every time or leave or sleep or I just don’t get the security coverage that I need. It’s actually really stupid!