Geofencing and IOS 14

Just installed IOS 14 on an iPhone SE 2nd generation. I six Eufy cams - 2 each on 3 Homebase 2s. It seems that geofencing is no longer working. Anything known about this with IOS 14?

Eufy was aware Geofencing was not working pre IOS 14, was working on a fix. I think they are not fixing or addressing many known issues but releasing new product’s. I have had Geofencing issues for a while now, contacted Eufy who was trying to fix. Now the words ‘BETA’ has also been removed from Geofencing. I honestly think they will not fix or address many issues, think they may not have the knowledge which actually is a big concern as it’s a security system!

Hi. I have same experience. Geofence has been useless since a bought my 2C kit in January. And no notable improvements during the 6 months it was considered in beta. I have followed all technical requirements but it’s total unreliable on our 3 iPhones. Wish they would make support for apple shortcuts, so I could use my HomeKit automations to change mode.