Geofencing alerts

Are you supposed to get alerts when leaving the set area when camera is set up for geofencing have charged my arlo system for eufy so I know what arlo does

You can activate a setting where you get a notification when the geofencing mode switches in/out of the area. It can be found under ‘Notification’ in the device settings.
I can only speak for the homebase, as it’s the only device I have which has geofencing.

I have the pan and tilt indoor camera and have set the geofencing up but it does not notify me when leaving/entering the zone I have set,think I have made a big mistake getting this unit

Have you checked the device’s setting?
Does it have something similar to this?

Dear John0,

What do you mean?

Are these options OK if I want to receive push notificarions when I leave the geofencing configurated zone?

Many thanks

The toggle in the screenshot indicates that you will receive a notification when you leave the area you set.
So when you leave the circle, it will report that the system goes to mode Away (or something) and when you enter the circle, it will report that it’s changing to Home (or something).

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I have only just started using the system waiting for the cameras and home base to arrive,so at the moment just set up the tilt and pan indoor camera which has geofencing when I went out yesterday received no notification that geofencing had set and yes I have set the system to notify me.However in the geofencing mode it does tell me it’s working in home mode haven’t noticed what it says in away mode will check later but would like to get the notification.

Ok went out today didn’t get any notifications that I had left the zone however when opening up the app geofencing was telling me it was in away mode didn’t get any notifications on entering zone but app was telling me it was now in at home mode guess that’s as good as it’s going to get

Yes, you can toggle to get the alerts, IF you want that:

And then you get someting like this:

This one is in Dutch because my phone was in Dutch at that moment, but it says ‘system has been disbled by geofencing’ (so when I returned home)

It’s interesting, my notification controls or anything like that. I don’t have those options. I have a C 24 and a P 24