Geekspin Eufy Smart Floodlight Camera Review


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This review seems to be better than the other reviews I’ve seen

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@fuu_bar great review very thorough and easy to understand. I’m looking to replace my old floodlight will consider thanks :pray:t2:

I have four Eufy Floodlights throughout my property. So far, no real issues to report. I think the only thing I would mention is that it does not have human detection. So it pretty much triggers any type of motion (which is adjustable).

However, depending on the location of the floodlights/camera, it might trigger more often for some, especially in high traffic areas, bushes, trees, etc. It may take additional customization to get it dialed in.

I’ve just installed this floodlight, and ive got to say im really impressed. Great video in the daytime, I.R at night is super, and when the lights come on its all in colour. Plus with the app you can watch whats going on outside LIVE as it happens.

Well recommended.