Garage Door Control

I use Eufy door sensors to monitor the open/close status of my garage doors. I would also like to open or close them within my Eufy app. There are scores of WiFi controllable “inching” (what we used to call momentary contact) switches available on the market that could be wired in parallel to my existing controllers to accomplish this, but they are not accessible within the Eufy app. It wouldn’t take much to incorporate one into your product line. Even better if you could make it battery operated.


You want Eufy Security App to have access to open/close your garage doors? You are Brave!

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I have nothing in there that China would be interested in… I think! LOL

Maybe I misread your post. I thought you wanted the app to be given access to actually open and close your garage doors? Open garage door when your on vacation would be a bad thing I would think. My door sensor can’t even tell if its open or closed correctly.

Oh I think I see what you mean… No, not automatically. I would only want the switch to activate the door upon my control, like when I am already in bed and realize that I left it open. I’ll take look at editing my original post

That’s where I think your brave. Trusting this deeply flawed app with the ability to open the door… or to trust that it closed it.

I can see it now… homebase auto updates when I’m away and reboots and opens my garage doors. I’m NOT that brave.

On an unrelated note: as a kid we got a Sears garage opener … sears set the base security code as 111111. I was 10 but I saw the flaw. I took the spare remote and rode my bike around town randomly pressing it. I opened so many doors it was scary. And if the owner was home… this was pure fun!!!


Absolutely diabolical! :slight_smile:

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