Gaps in Recording SD card

Last two days, I found gaps in recording.
From 3 to 6 mins.
After 3am. 4am etc.

One instance happened a while after detection.
Is it camera compromised? Someone is viewing?
It is with 2FA.

Cannot Upload Pic in this forum…

Gaps continued to be found in odd days.

Given all the reports on Wifi connection issues reported here, I susoect Eufy server has a problem or down for maintenance without telling users.

When there is no wifi, recording won’t work in my p24 indoor.

Finally opened up the P24.
Found that SD card holder has a broken solder or no solder underneath in one of the holder down steel case. the leg is next to IR light plug. you can lift the metal casing in the front left corner., and the base plastic also move up

when there is cold air/temp. the plastic base lifted up moving sd card away ftom contacts.

I have to solder it down and glue it down in the front.
Hope this fix the issue.

Also, adding once a while P24 would indicate bad sd card, missing sd card.
it is a sign of the sd card slot broken solder legs.


Been 5 days, not a single recording gap after the sd card slot fix.