Front house lights set off motion

When I turn on the house front lights the motion detection seem to think it’s picking up humans. I check my event log and see 22+ events all seem to be from when I turn my lights on to when I turn them off with time stamps of 8:49, 8:56, 9:07, 9:10, 9:16 ect. It seems to point to one area so I put a red square over that area (non motion detection area) and only go one tick up from human only mode and it still seems to have the same issue???
Any ideas how to stop this? Is it some shadows it’s getting?

At night the human detection turns off and just alerts you when there is motion.

The red squares for motion are areas where you WHAT the camera to detection motion not ignore.

Why are you turning the light on every 5 minutes?

I leave the lights on it’s just detecting it and logs it.
Then what is the green square? I figured the green was the detection area and the red was ignore area.

Nothing changes I turn the lights on at 8:00 and I turn them off at 10:00 and in that time I have numerous notifications.
Tried playing with settings and nothing really seems to help. Other then leaving the front lights off.

I also can confirm that at night, the doorbell camera picks changes in light as human detection. The outdoor lights come on automatically at 4am, and every 4am I get a human detection without fail. And now with all the Xmas lights in my house and across the street, I get numerous human alerts all night. The supposedly AI is BS imo. With no real way that can be determined, customers are being tech bamboozled with semi untrue to totally untrue statements to spend their hard earned money. AI, IFTTT, homekit, google home, Alexa, all semi true to utterly false BS. And I’m not talking about just Eufy, but everyone is doing it. We are being tech bamboozled to the tune of billions of dollars. Customers need to strike back with class action lawsuits. It is the only way that this fraud of a tech industry will change their ways.

Do you have the ability to add a 3rd square in the activity zone?

Nope I have one green square with multiple dots that allows me to shape it and one red square that is extremely limited in size, that really don’t seem to do much. I have confirmed that it is the lights doing it. I leave them on and I can check my phone before bed and find 22+ events, tune the light off and in the morning check to find no events. Harry123 kind of makes a good point, where is the AI ??? They keep advertising. If it’s just seeing changs in light and calling it human that’s not AI at all.

Sorry I have been calling it green but it seems more blue. The red one is at that spot because that’s where the notification seems to zoom to so I put it there in hopes of stopping it, didn’t seem to work.

I don’t have the option on mine to add a red square. I can only use the multi pointed blue shape.

How did you get the red one to appear?

I can add multiple rectangular activity zones to my floodlights, but only one hexagonal zone to my wireless doorbell.

The colors of the zones are meaningless. They are all activity zones; none of them are “ignore” zones. At least that’s what I glean from the online help.

[EDIT: Availability of Ignore zones appears to vary from product to product so I have over-generalized my response.]

I just go to the + sign and add the 2nd square which reading over the in app help screen lead me to believe that the is the blue active zone and the red ignore zone (if something is setting it off, you can put a red zone over it to stop it) but your extremely limited in shaping that red square and if it’s lighting settings it off, good luck… A.I. this doesn’t seem to be more of a marketing ploy. Sad because I really do like eufy products.

That’s interesting. My Activity Zone screens on both my floodlights and doorbell look different from that screen with the Ignored Zone. None of my products offer Ignored Zone. I guess it’s due to different firmware in different Eufy products.

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Since this is a eufy website, I kind of figured they would be present in the community and chime in. Is this typical of them not to support the community of their products???

Is this a eufy site?
I mean is anyone on here work for eufy and is able to comment on these issues people are having??

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No one gives you direct help unless its a simple fix.

Most of their popular responses are them pointing you to customer services.

So am trying different settings and so far nothing seems to be working. I either wake up to 52 events or nothing. I have been noticing that there is quite a bit of a delay when it comes to triggering. I can walk out the door and not see it trigger at all even if I stand there for a couple of seconds. I can goto an event and see someone walk off the veranda with their back to the door. It really seems to be hit or miss.
I am finding this to be annoying, It started out as a super device, well worth the money now I am not sure I could recommend this to people giving the, lack of support and all little headaches. Really disappointed now.

Wow, Eufy really doesn’t appreciate it’s customers. Do an update or reply hell do something your product has some glitch. Disappointment is turning into frustration and anger.
I have been noticing now that if a car/truck passes by it picks up the wheel of it and in the events tab calls it human (wow your A.I. sucks). Doesn’t seem to make a difference where I place the ignore square, I am thinking now that’s a crock of shit.


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I think only the wired doorbell has the ignore zones in the activity zone settings. Thats how mines is but the rest of my eufy 2 pro cameras only has activity zones no ignore zones

Yeah this is the wired version.
I will see if I can do some more screen grabs

I think I have done just about every combination in the settings and no dice.

So I turn on the front door lights at around 630pm and off at 10pm check the events tab to find 70 events.
Want am I missing here???