Friendly Reminder to Reboot Your Cameras Occasionally

If you’re having battery issues, detection issues, or other issues recently, consider this a friendly reminder to turn each of your battery cameras off and then back on occasionally to see if that resolves any issues. This can be done in the settings of each camera via the app.

It should be obvious, but I just wasn’t think about it. I had a Cam 2 Pro chew through 50% battery in less than a week following a recharge. Traffic levels haven’t changed, but there have been some updates rolling out. I then realized I hadn’t rebooted it in MONTHS.

Needless to say, the battery is performing correctly now following the Turn-off/Turn-on.


Since the latest firmware updates on my 2Pro cameras notifications are worse? Cameras are placed in exactly the same place, same settings but no notifications until you are very near the cameras? I have rebooted Homebase, turned off, on cameras, turned motion off, on. I tried placing my 2C camera in the same spot as the 2Pro and it is much, much better

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