Force night vision (Battery) Doorbell

I love the battery powered doorbell. Only thing is I’m not liking is the light post across the street which is preventing the doorbell to switch to night vision at night. As a result all people captured on video (motion triggered or when ringing the doorbell) are like ghosts and very hard to recognize. When night vision is active the recordings are much clearer and people actually recognizable.

Please enable a ‘force night vision’ option, maybe by use of lumen threshold or time based or something like that. This would be very useful and I think a lot of people would love this feature!


I am having the same problem … the street lights on my road are very bright and my camera always starts in black and white and changed to colour making people look like a ghost when moving … Please let us force a night mode … maybe after a certain time …

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Yes this would be great as I have a light that is keeping my doorbell on normal camera/daytime mode and cannot see in the dark. Would be good if you could set the time this comes on

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Same issue with my Eufy doorbell, please Eufy find a way to deal with this issue, now during the nighttime it’s the video images are useless.

I’ve commented on a similar post not too long ago about the same thing, really could do with a manual switch for the night vision or some sort of schedule that we can put it on, had something last night that was a bit sus on the cameras but the images for the faces are too blurry and image just generally not too clear (even after downloading the video) to see who the person/s are and whether it was a dodgy incident or not

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+1 for this suggestion. I have the same issue of image quality due to street lighting. Front lit from IR would be much better

Another +1

Like others, the neighbouring street lights outside our house, mean that the night vision is never activated on our 2k doorbell.

This means we always get colour footage at night, but the image is washed out and slightly hazy, when compared to the night vision on our 2c pros and indoor cameras.