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I’ve just received 2x S300 and they’re usb c, which is great! Everything should be nowadays. But…my existing solar panels aren’t! So how do I swap them out?

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I have a lot of cameras already. But will see in future.

It would be best to contact eufy support. I would prefer to call them and tell them your situation.
They may have adapters available to use with your existing solar panel.

I contacted Eufy and came to an arrangement. They’re sending me 3 sets of their USB-C/weather seals.

I’ve had to pay for them, but it’s no more expensive than having to buy 3rd party alternatives and at least this way I’m getting OEM parts with the benefits therein.

@craig.sim Thanks for posting back.
When you receive them would you upload a photo of them and what it looks like installed on the camera.
Eufy should have offered them for free for existing customers, and you just pay for the shipping. Or vice versa.
I found some generic adapters but, they’re not weatherproof…

They’ve actually just been delivered! Very quick Eufy, thanks!

I’ll post back when they’re fitted.

I’ve installed one of the new cables and it’s all up and running. Not difficult; all self-explanatory. (There were no instructions provided.) Then into the camera settings to enable the panel.

I’d love to say I’m confident that no rain, or even moisture, will get in, but I’m not. I’m tempted to improvise further weather sealing - maybe cover the joints in sealant, or shrink-wrap.

Removed old rubber grommet from solar panel cable.

Insert solar panel plug into USB-C conversion cable.

At the other end, place new rubber grommet on USB-C plug. This will go into the camera.

And you’re done.

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Excellent photos and install detail. Thank you very much.
It appears to look weather tight but, I’m the same way too…
I’ve always used dielectric grease for improving weather tight connections. It keeps moisture out and it’s not a permanent connection, so you can unplug it easily if you need to. A little dab will do.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

You can buy Micro-usb to type C adapters on amazon

Can’t remove S120 from the wall bracket after removing the securing screw. I know it slots into position at the top and arcs down to install so it should arc away from the wall to remove but it won’t budge even if pushed down at the slot.

I’m so impressed with the quality and results of my initial project I have just completed (phase 1 of 3 completed to date)! The initial costs are far below my initial estimate and therefore I will be looking into the next 2 phases probably reducing numbers of actual fittings and sprinkling in the 4k cameras in the main traffic areas/potential problem points of weakness in the house and garden area in full! Good quality though!?!

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So what happens when the bad guy just unplugs the cord or the cheap mount falls off from the wind?