[For US/UK/CA/AU] Show Us Your No Monthly Fee Moment!

We hate monthly fees just as much as you do. Share your No Monthly Fee Moment for a chance at some great prizes.

Event opens from 12:00 AM ET on Oct 14th, 2022 until 12:00 PM ET on Oct 31st. Follow these rules to ensure your entry is valid:

  1. Publicly post your image or video on any of the selected social media platforms.*

  2. Use the hashtags #NoMonthlyFee and #eufyCam3.

  3. Tag eufy’s official social account** for that platform.

  4. Screenshot your social post/s and share as a reply to this post as confirmation of your entry. The screenshot must show the number of likes, comments, and shares.

*Selected social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

**eufy’s official accounts on each social platform:

Facebook: eufy

Instagram: eufyofficial

Twitter: EufyOfficial

YouTube: eufy Official

TikTok: eufysecurity

How to Win

  1. Early Bird Prize (valued at $1,089.93, 1 available): We will randomly choose 1 participant from the first 30 qualified entries to receive the Early Bird Prize.

  2. Most Influential Prize (valued at $799.99, 5 available): Qualified entries with the highest engagement (a combination of likes, comments, and shares) will receive the Most Influential Prize.

  3. Lucky Prize (valued at $469.99, 3 available): We will randomly choose 3 qualified entries to receive the Lucky Prize. Prize detailed below.


  1. Each participant can receive, at most, one prize from this event.

  2. The list of winners will be announced within 7 working days of the event ending and will be posted on the eufy Community. The winners will be contacted by email or social media. Winners must reply with a valid address within 7 working days, otherwise their prize is forfeit.

  3. If the prize cannot be delivered due to regional factors, the prize will be converted into an equivalent monetary value and distributed as such.

  4. The following are regarded as invalid entries and will not be eligible for prizes:
    a. Social media posts shared on platforms other than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube are considered invalid entries.
    b. The social media post should be either a static image or a video, otherwise it will be considered an invalid entry.
    c. Social media posts not including the hashtags #NoMonthlyFee and #eufyCam3, or not including a tag of eufy’s official social account for that platform, will be considered invalid entries.
    d. If the screenshot of the social media post does not show the number of likes, comments, and shares, it will be regarded as an invalid entry.
    e. If the video or static image of the social post is obviously not related to the topic of “No Monthly Fee”, it will be considered an invalid entry.
    f. Entries shared on the eufy Community before or after the event time (12:00 AM ET on Oct 14th, 2022 until 12:00 PM ET on Oct 31st), will be considered invalid entries.
    g. This event is only open to United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australian residents. Entries from non-residents of these regions will be considered invalid entries.

No Monthly Fee Moment Examples

  • Example 1
  • Example 2

Please stop the advertisements when opening the app. I may like your products but that is beyond annoying.


Please stop promising all of your products will eventually work together with Homebase 3 when (based on previous failed Homebase 2 promises) they obviously won’t.


Hello, Kwa341

we are sorry for the inconvenience. You can contact our customer team via eufySecurity app - >Help ->Live chat / Feedback or send email to support@eufylife.com.

Please provide your account address to help you block the relevant activity push. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

eufy Security Team


Schedule for Eufy Security Devices to Be Compatible With S380 HomeBase (HomeBase 3)

eufy S380 HomeBase (HomeBase 3) is the latest eufy Security connection center that allows users to access and manage the majority of eufy Security devices.

Please refer to the following schedule for the timeline of different eufy Security devices that will be compatible with eufy S380 HomeBase (HomeBase 3). Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Note: Before pairing the compatible devices with HomeBase 3, please update the firmware of HomeBase 3, the devices, and the App.


love the Homebase 3. finally you can put in your own hard drive

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Can I use the Solocam S40 camera and record on the Eufy S380 Homebase? (Update December 2022 ?)

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When the Eufy Homebase 3 will be available in Canada? Amazon.ca dont sell it now


Exceptional quality at very reasonable price! I’m so excited to have this and feel safer

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We want an outdoor siren please!! also work on the malfunction where holding on camera sync button deletes videos :thinking:

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Here’s the post. On twitter

My son coming home to a Halloween surprise. :rofl:

I don’t understand what you are asking for. Do you need my home address?

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I had fun making a video/reel on Instagram. I made the switch to Eufy because of the #NoMonthlyFee! It’s so much better than the competition and I am not turning back! I’ve told all my friends to do the same :slight_smile:

Easy to add a camera to my existing setup. Now I can watch the dog at home.

Caught some local wildlife on the prowl at night

Posted on Twitter @terryjlynch :grinning:

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I shared on Twitter! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I ended up submitting another post below, since the rules said the post had to include the likes, comments, and shares section. Can someone from Eufy tell me if I need to delete this original post, or what would be counted?

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Excited to start my new camera setup.

Shared on Twitter!

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