Floodlight to Orbi router can't connect

Hey folks, have trawled threads but cant get a solution - posted the below on a relevant Anker thread too

I’m beat.

I’ve got a Netgear Orbi dual band 2.4 & 5Ghz router (no satellite currently set up) and just can’t get my floodlight connected with an iphone.

As you can’t switch band steering off on an Orbi (and firmware has removed a hack to create separate band SSIDs using Telnet), I’ve tried my mobile on 2.4 G band, mobile data off, with power to the floodlight only turned on after the 5G SSID is off and 5G transmit power to 25% (no other devices right near the router would connect to 5G band).

I can’t even get my phone joined to the floodlight cam wifi network through the setup at the flashing white LED stage - it tries twice, says it can’t and prompts to select the eufy cam network through my phone settings… but that doesnt show in the list of available networks.

I’ve had no showstopper problems getting the Eufy HB2 added to the network (for 2C, wireless doorbell cameras and door/motion sensors) or other 2.4G-only devices connected on the Orbi. But am stumped on this one after trawling a lot of various forums/threads.

There’s not a tonne of 2.4G network traffic at the floodlight, and even though it’s about 10-15m from my router (I know Eufy recommends closer), my phone on 2.4G band still gets good wifi reception and down/upload speeds at that spot.

Anyone got an Orbi to work? Any other suggestions warmly welcome, other than buying a new router!

Only additional thing I’ve seen since is trying an old 2.4 only router, setup with same SSID and password as Orbi, setup floodlight, then replace with Orbi again… but wondering if that might run foul of band steering though in use…

So I had mine working back in May. It went out recently, but I’m not sure what changed.

When I did the install, it worked fine first time. It was easy. Something has changed now and I can’t get it to connect. I don’t know if it’s on the Orbi side or the Camera side.

But at least wanted to point out that it was working at one point.

I removed my device and added it. I get all the way through the process to where it attempts to connect to my local wifi. It never connects. I’m not sure what to do at this point.

I got issues with Orbi as well. I saw connection at 2.4g at routers log, but I didn’t want to complete registration. Switched to other network worked fine, completed activation, upgraded firmware and switched back to Orbi. Registration went fine now, although getting some issues with recording and switch security profile. Must be something in the router I’m afraid