Floodlight needs more down angle

I installed the floodlight vertically on my shed about 2.5m high. I want to get right in front of the shed, but I cannot get the camera to point down enough. There is a bend in the camera arm which allows it to look up a lot, but really restricts the down angle. If I turn the camera upside down I can get the perfect angle, but I cannot find out to rotate 180 to make the image upright again.
What else can I do to get better angles?


I don’t have one and don’t know how they mount. What about a wedge to give it more downward angle?

Getting creative with the mount seems like my only option.
I just don’t understand the logic with how the camera arm is bent, designed to give much more up angle than down, not sure why I would want to capture the sky?

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Higher image is from floodlight pointed down as much as possible, lower image is from 2C cam mounted below with a little bit of down angle, I was hoping to replace the 2C with the floodlight, but can’t if I cannot get the right angle

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Watch it though. If they are like the cam2 the motion detection is in the lower portion of the field of view. If it’s pointed down too far it will only pick up motion very close to it. Play with it before you commit.

You can see here how the arm bends in a way that reduces the down angle possible, what is the logic here?

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Don’t expect any logic. I don’t think anyone on the Eufy team uses their own stuff or they would know some of this real world complaints.

I completely agree with your issue and am equally dissapointed. The small screw that clamps the angle of the camera is on the top in your photo. That’s the same on mine. However, in all other photos, it appears to be on the bottom.
Eufy, can this be sorted?

The website shows this angle and there is a similar photo on the box.

This is the reality.

For me, the fixed arm connecting the camera to the universal joint is in upside down. I don’t think this can be sorted by the consumer as it appears fixed.

I found these old instructions on the Internet. Would this work? Is detection affected? We still don’t have the option to rotate the viewing angle…


Sorted! Fully loosen off the screw on the ball joint and firmly bend the camera down away from the screw. The ball joint pops the camera out. Be careful, it’ll just be the wires holding it.
Then re insert 180deg out so that the screw is then at the bottom like in all the adverts!


Nice find! Strange that it’s apparently removed from the manual… Are you sure it’s gone or did you perhaps miss it?

Yeah, new instruction manual looks like a different format. I’m just pleased to have a decent angle!

This is brilliant, thanks. I just installed mine at the front of my house and thought there’s no way to adjust it. I’ll give it a try and see if it works. Just to confirm, are you fully detaching the ball from the socket that holds the camera?


@alirauf85 Yes, you’ll have to pop off the camera/ball joint to rotate it 180 degrees. Like he mentioned, don’t pull away with too much force because you’ll pull the wires out and it’ll be harder to reinsert them back in. Once you pop it back into place, tighten the screw and reposition your camera angle. You’ll notice that you can lower the camera way more than before.

To be honest; the Eufy team should just add the option of rotating the image 180 degrees.

I need to have it further down and due to the fact the fixed part of the camera is bend, popping it out and turning it around won’t solve the entire issue.

Eufy team, fix this with a simple option in the device settings.

Same here, but I have not bought the Floodlight yet. Can anyone tell me if this has been resolved?

Thanks. Just got mine today and have to pop the ball out to adjust.

DJSeager Thank you so much. Yes, I can’t believe this isn’t in the instructions. I was worried I’d break the plastic if I popped the ball out. I have a good angle now, after rotating the clamp 180 degrees.

Thanks DJSeager!

That fixed it enough so that it’s acceptable. Would still PREFER not having an upward angled-bracket forced upon me. But…acceptable.


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I completely agree. The upward angle of the arm on the camera is an added mystery. Like rubbing salt in the wound. If I’m watching out for aircraft it’s wonderful.

This thing would work great if it were mounted at about 5 ft high and I wanted to see straight out for who is coming, but if your camera is mounted up a bit and you want any type of down angle… Forget it. You’re not going to get it with the Eufy.

For me, it was a complete waste of time and money. Very disheartening.