Floodlight minimum brightness is too high

The minimum brightness threshold for motion activated illumination is 22, every time I set it to lower than 22 it resets itself back to 22. When I bought this I had hoped that I could have a very subtle ambient light at level one, but even level 1 is much brighter than I hoped it would be. Because of this I basically disable the floodlight most of the time as it is very annoying when it keeps getting triggered by steam from our neighbour’s boiler.
This brings me to another point, I wish the floodlight could be triggered in the same way as the video recordings are using the artificial intelligence to recognise human motion to trigger the floodlight. This way the floodlight would only come on when a human is detected. I realise this is probably a hardware issue though rather than firmware.

However the minimum brightness level may hopefully be resolved by a firmware fix.

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same problem in Berlin/Germany. Anker/Eufy, fix it please