Floodlight Flickering/Blinking (new)

Hi All - I’m new to Eufy and have a query but also information that may help others with this repeating topic.

I have just purchased the relatively new E340 floodlight (2 lights). I note that the light flickers when the following is true:

  • Motion is detected.
  • Its operating a Scheduled Security mode with ‘Light Alarm’ enabled (and its dark!).

However if I dont use a Scheduled Security mode and have the floodlight permanently set to light up (within device settings) when motion is detected then the light is stable and does not flicker (and its dark!).

I’ve raised with Support and am told:
“please know that once the Light Alarm is enabled [set within the Scheduled Security mode], the device will flicker when a motion is detected. But please know that it is not supported to set a schedule for the motion-activated light now. You can just enable or disable it. [i.e. either permanently on or off]”

I’m surprised that something that can be configured in the Eufy app results in an unintentional flickering of the light and then told its not supported and expected. I have had experience with another security cam vendor and have no issues with scheduling different modes during the day.

Can anyone comment good or bad on this?

I trust this may explain the other posts on the Internet where flickering is mentioned. Fortunately I’m still within warranty and yet to determine if this is a reasonable response from Eufy given the experience suggests a software bug to me (or is it a hardware fault?).

BTW - I say flickering in this topic. Some reference blinking. Technically the light goes off and on about every 2 seconds. Its not off and on multiple times a second which others have called strobing.

I appreciate any responses - thank you.