Floodlight camera with Google home

Google home always detects Eufy floodlight camera as a light. I’m not able to have it detect as a camera. :frowning:

Same issues here. Waiting for a reply from EUFY

I have the same issue too. Hoping for a working solution.

I have the same issue in the Google Home app showing as a light… but if you say this to your Google Assistant it will connect the camera for me:

My Floodlight is called “Backyard”, and my Chromecast is attached to the “Living Room TV” – so my command is: Hey Google, show me the Backyard on Living Room TV

I bought bunch of eufy Floodlight Camera during Prime Day and none of them is showing up on my Google Home app. They all show up as only LIGHTs and there is no Camera Control at all. If this is not fixed I will be returning all 10 floodlight Camera I bought from from Amazon. This looks like an issue for over a year. I’m surprised that eufy would advertise it as working with Google Home/Assistance but it limited or not functional.