FloodLight Camera Deletes my videos

When I try and playback an important video, it does play. But then playback can stall and after a refreshing the events page, the video is gone. Missing. Like the recording was never made. Super not secure. I also pay for a cloud subscription, but the videos of interest are missing. The next video in the recording series is also missing. This happened 3x in the past 6 months. Firmware up to date and the app is up to date.

ANy suggestions?

Edit: I suspect its a cloud issue. Ironically the cloud is supposed to give extra sense of security, when I think its buggy and deletes the video.

Ensure that the storage device or cloud subscription you are using to store the recorded videos has sufficient capacity to store the recordings. If the storage is full, the system may overwrite or delete older videos to make space for new recordings.

The statement advises verifying that the storage device or cloud subscription being utilized to store recorded videos has enough capacity to accommodate the recordings. It is important to ensure that the storage space is adequate; otherwise, the system might overwrite or delete older videos in order to create room for new recordings. This precautionary measure helps prevent potential data loss or the inability to capture new videos due to insufficient storage capacity.

It’s as if the recording never existed – incredibly insecure. Despite paying for a cloud subscription, crucial videos are nowhere to be found. Furthermore, the subsequent video in the recording sequence is also inexplicably missing. This frustrating scenario has occurred three times within the last six months. I’ve ensured that both the firmware and the app are up to date, leaving me perplexed about the recurring issue.

Make sure your camera’s storage settings Instastalker are properly configured. If your camera uses cloud storage, ensure you have enough storage space available and your subscription plan covers your needs.

Contact Customer Support: Reach out to the customer support team of the camera or cloud service provider. Explain the situation in detail, mentioning the recurring nature of the problem and the specific instances when videos went missing. They might be able to investigate the issue on their end and provide insights or solutions.

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