Floodlight cam 2k light goes on every minute

I have floodlight cam2k.
Works beautifully during day.
At night not so much.
The light goes on like every minute through out the night.
I’ve tried setting everything in app to bear minimum and it changes nothing.
I figured the light would only come on when the camera detects motion.
Is that not the case with these?
My camera never records anything at night unless someone is there but the light is constantly goin on.

Also I’m guessing there’s no night vision on these?
I’m not sure how it’s suppose to work, cams above garage,
I can my 2 porch lights either on or off and if I look at the live feed it’s always pitch black.
The only time I can see at night is if the cams light is shining on.


I am having the same exact behaviour with my outdoor 2K cam. What did you end up doing?