Floodlight Cam 2 pro foggy

My night time video is foggy. Anyone else have those issue? This is only on my floodlight cam pro, my other eufy cams are fine. Got up early one morning and verified moisture inside the camera cover dome. Is there a way to remove and reinstall the done?


I’m having the same issue with mine.

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Installed it last night and have the same issue.

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I’m having the exact same issue with mine. It’s foggy during daytime now though too. It was installed back just before Christmas and lasted pretty much up through the 1st of February without any issues including two snow storms… Now it is foggy!!! It is caulked around its connection to the house so moisture getting in there really shouldn’t be an issue.

Same here. So cloudy. Almost unusable

Same here

LATEST UPDATE: Just had my electrician confirm that he can see condensation on the inside of the dome - see last photo below. My question now is: Is it worth replacing this unit (as I will have to buy another, setup and ship it 4,500km to other side of the country) OR has someone already swapped one of these foggy units and found it didn’t fix the problem i.e. is it a design fault?

Yes same problem.
Brand new install (on 19th Apr 2022). Picture clear during day but foggy at night especially when viewed through MIDDLE part of dome i.e. if you look up or down the fog is not as bad however the area I want to view is the middle of the dome.
Anybody found a solution for this because it happens EVERY night so it doesn’t look like the condensation inside can escape so will continue to happen :frowning:!
In the first 3 pictures below I’m looking at the same spot and only moved the lens from TOP->MIDDLE->BOTTOM so you can clearly see the condensation is worse in the MIDDLE:
To rule out the possibility that IR Lights are responsible I took these two picture during the day (9:15-16am). The first is FOGGY then moved lens up and the picture is NOT FOGGY. So there must be a “band” of condensation around the middle of the dome:

Electrician confirmed condensation was on the INSIDE & took this photo:

I get that on one of my 2Cs… It worked great for a few months,then after a storm the image gets foggy whenever the moisture is high outside. One camera has been doing this for a while, and now another has started doing it. There must be a bad seal. Perhaps you can take it apart, dry it out, then put it back together with some good waterproof silicone to seal it.

Possible solution (will test tomorrow)
The two extracts below are from an email I just received from Eufy Support that hopefully may resolve this problem:

  1. In your case, please kindly know that from our recent test, the steam will disappear when you open the USB cover for about 3 hours when it is a sunny day or non-rainy weather (air humidity is less than 60%).
  2. If the issue remains, it is recommended to replace it [unit] and normally the issue can be solved.

In case there are others like me that need to get someone to do this for them remotely I created the graphic below to show them how to open the USB door and avoid scratching the dome:

The solution proposed by Eufy Support to “open the USB cover for about 3 hours when it is a sunny day” does NOT work.
I had the USB cover opened between 10am->4pm (6hrs) on 2 consecutive 26C sunny days however as you can see from the picture below there is only a small improvement.

I purchased a 2nd Floodlight Camera Pro 2K and left it outside overnight (still in box) where temperature dropped to 7C (colder than the one in Perth where overnight temps drop to 15C) then unboxed immediately after bringing inside at 8am and found there was NO visible sign of condensation inside the dome. Hopefully this means the problem may be limited to only a batch of Floodlight Camera Pro 2Ks.

Unfortunately in my case this still results in an expensive swap since I need to configure the 2nd one here in Melbourne then incur the costs to ship 2100 miles (3400 km) to Perth plus cost of the electrician to swap over then ship the faulty one back to me in Melbourne.

Hope the above information helps shorten the troubleshooting steps for others that may encounter this problem.

Picture quality after having the the USB cover opened between 10am->4pm (6hrs) on 2 consecutive 26C sunny days resulted in only a small improvement:

Update after swapping to a new unit:
Still some fog caused by the condensation inside the dome but better than the previous unit.
Would still recommend this model but Eufy need to investigate and eliminate this condensation and it would be perfect.

i am having the exact same issue, brand new camera straight out of the box. does anybody have a permanent fix. i have not tried opening the usb cover yet.

My floodlight cam2 pro has water in the bottom of the dome. I purchased it 2 years ago. I suppose warranty is expired? Has anyone disassembled one in order to reseal? I believe the only way to defeat fog is with a micro fan to circulate air inside dome. I have a larger dome cam that has that feature. My problem is it actually got water into it.

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Same problem after two years and very heavy rain. Water in the dome and condensation. I have drilled a couple of holes in the dome one at the lowest point to let water out. Will see if it dries out now.

Hi All,

I have a variety of eufy cameras, including two of those mentioned here.

The most obvious advice would be to mount the unit where it has as much protection from direct rain and weather as possible, but realising this is often not possible, there is another option (regardless of the warranty status).

Please make sure you’re not getting IR reflection from walls or other nearby structures, which I am sure you have considered.

The Australian Consumer Law states products must do what they are advertised to do. Weatherproof items must be and remain for a reasonable time, weather proof. The question is, what is a reasonable time after the warranty expires?

In my experience (and I am not providing legal advice) a reasonable time for a camera like this is a) for as long as its other internal and external components work as specified b) I would expect a camera in a high use situation to work for at least three to 5 years, c) if the fault is widespread and appears to be a manufacturing fault, the manufacturer must address the issue, especially where the product is marketed towards homes and being directly connected to the property’s power supply.

In my experience eufy in Melbourne have been very good with sending replacements for critically compromised products, so I strongly advise calling them and taking the time to seek solutions.

I have changed all my Pro2s out for E340s and I 100% recommend them. They are clearer, performance is far superior and although the spotlights are not as bright, they do the job very well.

Best of luck…

I have just purchased and installed the Eufy 2c pro 4 camera kit. From the first night all cameras fog up badly, and stay fogged until mid morning, also the motion detection is intermittent. I do not recommend Eufy security units. I will be returning the kit after only 6 days.