Fix Detection Statistics for Battery Cameras

Power Management (for battery cameras) detection statistics “Since last Charge” no longer resets to 0 after full charge. According to support, recent firmware update removes the reset of usage stats after a full charge.

If the Used Days don’t reflect used days since last charge - this info is not that helpful. It is good to know how many days a camera is lasting on battery - so you can compare from charge to charge - and estimate when it will need to be charged again in the future.

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Just noticed this on mine, do you have any idea why they did this? For the price, this doorbell lasts a good amount of time and being a tech guy I found it very useful.

No i dont. When i questioned them they said this was a feature change and it is now working the intended way. A subsequent change removed the “since last charge” text, to indicate no longer per each charging cycle.

I have seen posts from other users reaching out to Eufy, and supposedly they are changing this back, but this was a couple of months ago.

Hopeful they will being the feature back, as a tech guy, i like to know how long my cameras are working and how effective they are.