First second(s) of eufyCam2 video seem overexposed

See following images of the video. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this, and (hopefully) a solution?

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This happens with my cameras as well. I’m not sure it’s avoidable.

I have three camera’s for 6 months now, and one camera suddenly started showing this behavior a week ago.

This happens because the camera starts up and has to adjust to the amount of light. This is a product characteristic.

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How come that this wasn’t the case for the first 5 months and two/three weeks? It started this behavior in the morning of Jan. 27. Never did it before and since then always…

@eufy.luigi an update recently made this normal startup just a tad longer. I don’t mind it but it has caused a few of my thumbnails in my notifications white. I LOVE the thumbnail notifications ( especially on my Apple Watch ) … so when I get no thumbnail or a white one… I cry a little as I have to pull my stupid cellphone out of my pocket just to see what happened. Fingers crossed they fix it or take the thumbnail a fraction of a second later. Minor problem for now.

@chefrd Given your use case with thumbnail notification not working anymore, I wouln’t rate this a minor issue, but that’s up to you.

I very much doubt the argument as if this is caused by an update. The log shows that the cameras were updated on Dec. 21, that is over a month before this behavior suddenly arose.

Is there anyone of eufy/anker that can shine his light on this??

UPS package on my doorstep with both cameras watching my driveway and nothing? … that’s a HUGE problem. (And happened for awhile) Missing notification thumbnails here and there… I want it fixed yes.

Your screen shots above look like they are all within the same second. Major issue??

I say if my cameras actually do their job… I’m happy. But I would also like it fixed. And I agree with you this is a recent problem.

I agree that some problems are huger than others, that even counts for your UPS package not being noticed by the cameras…

The problem per-se is not a major issue, although it sometimes lasts longer than the first second. What I find most worrying is that, unless there is a logical explanation, this sudden change in behavior appears to me as a degradation of performance/experience. That adds to some other degradations that I’ve encountered with an other camera of this system, but that’s beyond the scope of this topic.

As a engineer, I would expect technicians at eufy/anker would love to figure out what would cause this behavior and find a solution.

I really hope that the technicians are watching these interactions. I have even begged at times for them to take my entire system and rip it apart to figure out what’s going on. I would even send them an exact time stamped video from my wired system to compare it to. ( the eufy was to replace my OLD system … maybe someday )

I love when people join in and say “ME TOO” to an issue they care about. If somebody is watching they might do something.

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Totally agree!!

I will chime in here as well regarding the white frames.

I have three cameras which all do exactly the same thing and have done since installing them about 3 weeks ago.

It is not wonderful when you have the cameras in place to catch events and there is nothing but white and all I see is the end of the object that trigger it.

+2 to this. I have three 2c cameras all doing this. A wireless doorbell that doesn’t…so the tech is there for it to not be a characteristic. Father in law also has the same problem (another x1 2c cam) and isn’t that impressed…which is embarrassing as I recommended and installed for him. This didn’t happen for the first couple of weeks for all cameras, and I think it’s getting worse!

Interesting to hear your stories. Again, important to note that only one of my three cameras shows this, and it suddenly did without any known external action.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to get the attention of eufy/anker for issues like this?

I’d expect enthusiastic users would be cherished by the manufacturer. Opinions can fast and vastly flip.

Totally the same here regarding the overexposure had my cameras for over a year never had this problem before looks like it started since the last update and if you need to sort this out this seems to just release updates which made my system worse all the time

Not to change the subject but your post caught my eye. We are talking about a quick flash at the beginning of an event as the camera is adjusting the white balance. Are you seeing more than a second of white?. Also battery cams will never see the reason the camera was triggered because they are sound asleep and need a moment to wake up. My indoor wired cams I can see the trigger because it tacks on 3 seconds prior to the trigger event.

Does anyone have an idea of other ways or fora to reach technicians / support personnel of the manufacturer?

Sort of same issue with mine but in reverse, dark then light!?!

On all video clips either when live view or from recording the camera is dark then one second to normal, note these are 2C cams but the battery doorbell is fine?

Eufy seem to have many issues / problems that with some effort could be fixed.

If something odd happens, i usually reset the affect devices. It works most of the time.

I would bet it’s the same thing… your cam is dealing with its last setting. If your last cam wake up (does not always record) lets say was at 2am … your cams would go “eyes wide open” to grab all the light it could. And then the cam would go into its usual coma… next wake up? 11am ups truck in the fresh snow. Uugghh ! Eyes still fully dilated from last nite has to crash to full squint. Reverse that and you get the opposite. This is normal auto white balance behavior. My question is why it slowed down as of late?