Firmware Update Records - PC Tool

2020.09.02, v1.4

  1. Enlarge the UI size.
  2. Supported for Indoor Cam and eufyCam 2C Pro/2 Pro.
  3. Fixed some bugs.

2020.06.15, v1.3

  1. Change the naming rules of downloaded clips
  2. Only one application is allowed to open at the same time
  3. Fix some bugs
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Hi there,
from what I have read, with this tool it is possible to download videos from the HomeBase or the Indoor Cam? Where can I find/download this PC Tool?

Thanks a lot

@Mengdi, could you please give a feedback?

Thynk you.

This would be handy, is it available, quick search on interweb could not find it

For Mac version, you can directly download from the App Store. For Windows version, it will be published on end of Nov.(estimated).

You can download the video from the HomeBase via the PC tool

Thank you for the information. This sounds great.

Do we have date? Getting close to the end of November…

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How much past the end of November can we expect the Windows version?

Feb 21 and still no PC version…

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Is there a PC-program…?

@Mengdi, it’s March and is there any news about when the Windows version will be released?

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It’s now August. Any news on pc tool?

Perfect app mac!!!


@Mengdi Where is the PC tool? We’ve been waiting for a long time now.

is there a Windows Eufy app ?


@Sorin_Derex There was supposed to be and we are still waiting nearly 2 years later. There is a great Mac one.

Any word?

Any update on this? I am about to update my homebase sd card and it would be great to do a dump first.

any update where i can find this pc tool?

Where is Download link?