Firmware Update Records - Outdoor Cam

2021.04.09 v1.0.2.5
1.Optimized Motion Detection by AI sorting.
2.Optimized Activity Zone.
3.Optimized Sound Detection by setting All Sound as defaut.

2021.03.24 v1.0.2.0

  1. Optimize pet detection.
  2. Solve the issue that Spotlight may not work under schedule.
  3. Solve the issue of abnormal live streaming on some phones.

2021.03.04 v1.0.1.8

  1. Improved the accuracy rate of pet detection and reduced the false detection rate.

2021.02.09 v1.0.1.6

  1. Optimized the false detection of pet detection.
  2. Optimized the false detection of person detection.
  3. Optimized stability of the firmware

2021.02.04 v1.0.1.5

  1. Optimized the false detection of pet detection.
  2. Fixed the issue that the same event will be notified twice.
  3. Fixed the issue that the camera cannot reconnect to the router after the Wi-Fi breakdown.

Is this the wired outdoor cam yet to be released? If so I’m happy to see pet detection included. This works surprisingly well on my pan/tilt I stuck in a window to test. Deer , coyote, bobcats… even dogs :wink:

It will launch on May. 19


Great! @Mengdi Will it also be available in Germany? 19. May? What is the 2K resolution? 2304x1296?

This needs to be updated.
I just got a replacement device for Outdoor Cam Pro.
Current version is and there is an update available (ver
The update note #2:
“Long press SYNC for 10 seconds to restore factory settings is no longer supported” - How would you factory reset the device then?

Good question.
In the camera settings there is an option to Remove Device.
I would think (but I don’t know) doing that would cause a factory reset as if long press Sync button would. Because you would need to add the camera back in the app just like if you had used the Sync button…

That’s considered a soft reset.
I’ve had 2 outdoor cams stuck on “system initializing” (solid purple) and have not been able to do hard reset.

The camera is already removed and is stuck on “system initializing”. I cannot do the soft reset within the app and with the 10sec hold on sync button no longer supported, the camera is essentially bricked.

So the two cams that are bricked, they have the latest firmware. The one where long press the SYNC will not restore factory settings correct?

Try this… keep tapping on the SYNC button maybe 8 to 12 times to see if it does anything or emits a tone.

If nothing, ugh, looks like you’ll have to contact eufy support to see if they have some secret we don’t know.

Keep me informed. Thanks

I have 3 outdoor cam pro.
1st one was my original purchase from May 2022. It was stuck on solid purple / system initializing. I do not remember whether I updated firmware but I’m pretty sure I did. It suddenly lost wireless connection and I had contacted Eufy support. I sent it back when I received the replacement (2nd one). Eufy never let me know if they found anything.
2nd one is also stuck on solid purple / system initializing. It was working for 10 days when it again completely lost wireless connectivity (camera is offline) and I had to reset. Don’t remember how I did the reset, soft or hard, but regardless it became stuck on solid purple / system initializing. I consider this bricked. I’ve tried tapping the SYNC button 20-30x but no response.
3rd one I just got yesterday. Took me less than 5 minutes to setup. I noticed the firmware update notification and read about the long press SYNC for 10 sec to reset is no longer supported. I did not update the firmware. Just this morning, I noticed that the color of image/video became pinkish. This has been a horrible experience with the outdoor cam, I’ve had great experience with the 3 indoor cams.

Well that third camera you just got yesterday it will eventually update by itself.

That pinkish color you see could possibly be that night vision is stuck on. Try tapping on the camera with something during the day time to see if it will click off or during the night time go to Live View and switch off Auto Night Vision to see if it goes to color.

Toggled night vision off and restarted camera. Image/video is normal now.

Be happy that the long press reset is no longer supported. With this “feature” thieves could remove the evidence footage from your Homebase, cause the reset will also delete any footage recorded by the camera from the Homebase…

That’s the reason why they removed the long press reset but, eufy should not have sent that firmware update to cameras that don’t use the HomeBase to record onto.

How do I download one of these older versions on the eufy google play app? I really don’t understand technology but I’m tired of my app not working. Please advise