Firmware Update Records - eufyCam

2020.02.10 v.

  1. Supported for does not end recording when seeing the live feed.
  2. Supported the notification of the Geofencing mode switch.
  3. Solved the issue that the time incorrect in some scenarios.
  4. Optimized SD card exception reminder.
  5. Optimized the recovery mechanism after the network disconnected.
  6. Solved the issue that video is not uploaded occasionally.
  7. Solved the issue that no notification in All Alerts mode occasionally.
  8. Optimized password characters entering and signal display issues when connected with Wi-Fi.
  9. Solved the issue of no time watermark in some scenes.
  10. Solved the issue of security modes incorrectly in some scenarios.

How do i download it?

Wait… so if I get a motion notification and the cam is recording, I can view the live feed and this won’t end the recording prematurely now??