Firmware Update Records - Baby Monitor

2020.06.30, v3.4.0
1, Make the T8300 model and T8321 model compatible.

2020.06.06, v3.3.7

  1. Optimize the logic of the disconnection notification.
  2. Optimize the experience of the zoom feature.

2020.05.12, v3.3.3 (temporary version)

  1. Upgrade the SKD, making it compatible with the T8321 model.
  2. Add Alarm Set feature"

2019.12.09, v2.4.4

  1. Optimize the sound alert threshold.
  2. Improve the switching logic of the IR-cut sensor (night vision).
  3. Optimize the sound alert showing (switch the picture of the sound alert to a small alarm icon flickering. )
  4. Showing Monitor’s and Camera’s version on the ““Connect with us”” page. (Previously are showing as Hardware and Software)

2019.07.02, v2.3.8

  1. Add the lullaby feature.
  2. Add the low-battery alarm.
  3. Optimize the temperature showing.
  4. Optimize the battery-using status showing.
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Does anyone have a good guide on how to upgrade the firmware of the Security Baby Monitor camera and monitor on a mac?

How do you do the update on the baby monitors?

I found this in the manual. Don’t have one myself, but maybe this helps you!


Thank you!

After updating the cam and monitor to the latest settings, my unit is not always automatically switching to night vision when it’s (quite) dark.

This problem needs specific analysis , please contact

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In the update of 2019.07.02, v2.3.8 is mentioned that there is a low battery alarm.
That function I can’t find on my brand new doorbell.
Where can I find it to turn it on? My software is up to date…