Feedback After someone visited my garden

Hi there,

This morning around 5am I was woken up by my phone, the cameras had picked up something. I kind of expected to see the neighbors’ cat… But it was indeed someone !!!

A this moment I missed two or three features that would have been of great help :

  • add a button on the app to force continuous recording on all cameras,
  • add a button to force the alarm on all cameras,
  • add a button to speak on all cameras.

These buttons should be on the home screen and when we click on a notification and review the clip, this would allow for a very quick response.

Also, and this is a major downside : automatic detection and recording do not work when you are looking at the live stream ! We have maybe 10% of the footage we should have as we were both trying to locate the guy… Turns there were two of them…


@AnkerSupport now that I rethink about it, the fact that detection and recording do not work when someone is watching the live stream is a major issue!

Watching the stream is certainly the first thing anybody does when there is an alert…


I think these are great ideas. Especially the record on all cameras.

These are excellent ideas!! I have never thought about this before but now I want these features!!

As @jesuralem said we need the camera to continue to record events while in live view.

@AnkerSupport we need a button to talk through multiple cameras at once and sound the siren on multiple cameras at once. This would be the same thing as a “group” where we can sound the alarm or yell through multiple cameras at once. We should be able to set this up through the app and choose which cameras we want in a “group”.

Good ideas. Could you have a ‘battle screen’, when you have an alert you have all the controls you need in one place and the ability to add in other cameras as well, if you have them. People coming onto your property is rare, so the ability to test it all out in a simulation might be nice.

Well depends on where you live i guess, i set up my cameras less than 2 weeks ago and i already had visitors :slight_smile:

Eufy has to consider that this is a high stress situation and ou are not thinking clearly, we were both kind of clicking everywhere in our apps to view live streams and it took me a few attemps to manage to trigger the alarms.

Clearly the idea of a “battle screen” is nice, my idea would be you should be able to get there from the main screen, from a footage review (notification → footage review → battle screen if alarm is real) and from the live view (live view → i see someone → battle screen).
Battle screen should have :

  • a live view windows with a quick way to switch camera
  • a speak to all button
  • an “alarm” all button
  • a “record all” button that triggers continuous recording on all cam. I think this button should be enabled by default when you enter the battle screen.

@AnkerSupport what do you think ? this seems like good enough specs :slight_smile: it may be a lot of work though.


Could it be possible with the automation system just released to expand it to user triggers events, so if any of the cameras enter record mode via user request the whole system goes into record? Like wise with the sirens.

It might be difficult with the speaker elements but the 1st two could be automated?

If this could be done it would just be a case of setting up the automation instead of duplication of buttons from individual screen to a “battle Screen”.

It also allows for personalisation of the System so only certain devices could enter this mode instead of devices that the user may not want to active.

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