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I want all my outdoor cameras (door bell and flood light) start recording if one got activated. This minimizes the chance of missing something. Also I want they get activated by motion, noise and change of ambient light like car pulling into driveway at night

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Pretty sure they already do that, except the sound part.

Go to security/automations and see what the options are to link.

Set your cams to all motion, they should pick up the headlight wash.

I would like the Alarm System to have automations with their Indoor Cameras so if the Alarm sounds all the indoor cameras sound their alarms too.

Allow more than 5 family and guest users, I use Eufy for commercial properties as they are perfect for the cost vs surveillance systems.

Hi, I just replace my old alarm system with Eufy. My setup:

-HomeBase 2
-2x 2C outdoor camera’s
-3x Pan Tilt indoor camera’s
-3x motion sensors and 4x door sensors
-Wired doorbell, still waiting on delivery.

So far I’m very impressed with the overall quality of all components, the design, many useful features and ease of setup. However I miss 3 key features that would make the system even better:

  1. The most important feature I’m missing: The keypad only controls the HomeBase whilst the indoor camera’s are working stand alone. I chose this system because of the keypad option so everyone in our house can arm and disarm the system, not solely relying on an app on your smartphone. When in home mode we want especially the indoor camera’s to be fully switched off, no movement detection, recording or notification. When exiting the house and switching to Away mode via the keypad we want the indoor camera’s to be on. Due to lack of keypad controlling the indoor camera’s we can only control them with the app. A solution could be to have a smart plug controlled by the HomeBase controlling the power to the indoor camera’s. This would also solve my 2nd missing feature…

  2. When we switch the indoor pan-tilt camera via the app to Home mode I configured the camera not to send notifications or record video. However we can’t turn off the motion detection so the camera still follows movement when we’re at home which is a bit scary. I could switch off the follow movement feature of the pan-tilt camera but I like this feature when in ‘away’ mode.
    Like mentioned in missing feature 1 this could be solved with a Eufy smart power plug controlled via the HomeBase&Keypad. This also gives us the assurance the camera’s are fully switched off when at home. Also extends the functionality of the system to control lights etc.

  3. I leave the 2C outside camera’s on when at home recording without notifications, notification at night time via Schedule. When dark the spotlight switches on when motion is detected. I really like this feature as the picture quality is better and people automatically look into the camera when the light comes on. However… when we sit outside when it’s dark the spotlight continues to react to our movement which is very annoying. The app supports a great option to snooze but this only snoozes the notifications. Would be great if it can also snooze motion detection and recording to save battery life.

Some other thoughts:
The whole system depends on power to function and Internet access (which also requires power). When power is down, on purpose short circuited…, all is for nothing. A fantastic add-on would be backup power for the HomeBase and a sim-card option for alert/notification via text message and/or backup internet for HomeBase access, access to outside battery operated camera’s, sensors, etc.

Optional extra storage on the HomeBase. I believe this is already in development. For me with 2 outside camera’s the 16GB built in storage is sufficient but I can imagine some people require more for continues recording or adding more camera’s. Adding more HomeBases makes it more difficult to set home and away modes.

I like the wired doorbell option, smaller design, own separate chime, and no worrying about an empty battery. In my country the normal power supply is 8V AC and 1 amp giving 8VA or Watt. I still have to receive the ordered doorbell so not sure if it works. As an alternative I found a socket power supply of 18v AC and 500Ma supporting most smart doorbells. The suggested 30VA (=30 Watts) seems a lot just to power a smart doorbell. The wired I assume also does not connect to the HomeBase. Just hope we don’t miss out on any necessary features.

Keypad micro USB location. Would be great to have an option to connect permanent power via the back so no visible wires.

Would be great to have Eufy solar panels to power the outside camera’s. I’m now looking at 3rd party solutions.

In conclusion I’m really impressed with the quality, accuracy and features of the system. Especially for the costs it’s great value for money. Hopefully with some further enhancements it will become a fantastic system.

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Appear on the enable app for notifications list when on DND with android

I am sorry to say but I am pretty sure, @Topshelferok, that you don’t have a floodlight and a doorbell, than you would know that floodlight is a stand alone device, and Eufy does not allow automation between stand alone devices even if they are controlled from the same Homebase.

We cannot even automate multiple floodlights connected to the same Homebase so all the floodlights light on together when one of them detects motion.