Feature Request - Trash Can

Would like to suggest feature of having a trash can for all events. Currently it seems (unless I don’t yet know because I’m a new user) that all deleted events are, well, deleted permanently. If I wanted to somehow access a deleted video, it seems I’m screwed. Would also be cool to swipe left to delete and swipe right to save in “saved” folder.

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I like the idea but if you don’t want to not be able to watch them again then don’t delete them… what’s the point of deleting them when all it does is not delete them…

Well, sometimes when you know you have a bunch of “junk” in the list and you accidentally swipe and delete one too many times, you’re screwed. Sure we can be “careful” and keep it in the list - but again there is no “accident forgiveness” so to speak. Just saying.


:+1: good idea.

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I’m late to the party, but it seems deleted videos ARE being kept on the memory card, but not accessible.
I’ve been deleting videos day by day to increase my storage, but the amount of GB’s are only going down and not up.
I did a check by deleting 2 full months of videos and nothing happened to the storage.
Really annoying though.

My phone has a deleted folder… you get 30 days before they go bye-bye.

Had 100 videos of moving shadows that I did a bulk delete. My neighbor told me the next day he had a bear in his yard. Wish I could go back thru them now… nope.