Feature request. Security modes for all/multiple devices

It would be great if when I set myself to out of the house, it changes the mode on all my cameras and I don’t have to do each individual camera.


Same here!

It very annoying at the moment. They are apparently going to allow the linking of indoor cams to Homebase, however who knows when they will arrive


Even within the app, there should be a way to set yourself(the mode) as away on all cameras.
I only have 2 cameras at the moment but can imagine it would be a real pain to have to ‘activate’ recording on 10 cameras before I leave the house.

I use a yale smart home alarm and the ultimate solution would be to have these linked so when I set the alarm it also activated the appropriate mode within eufy. Though I appreciate that’s an unlikely scenario.

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Any news on this feature?

Here too! This is for me the most important missing feature. Also lowers the value of having a keypad as it cannot centrally arm&disarm the complete setup.

Hello, I have the same problem, is there a solution?

I have 2 homebases and 1 indoor camera (that can’t be connected to a homebase) so in the evening and in the morning I have to change 3 devices from home to sleep mode manually. Very annoying.

I also tried the scheduling but when I set it to change mode at 0:00 or 7:00 in the morning a push message is send to my phone wich wakes us up… :frowning:
I would like a silenct change from security mode, is that possible?