Feature Request: Rotate camera image 90 degrees in app

Please provide the ability for users to rotate the camera image by 90 degrees in the app.
I have an area where the only mounting option is a wall that is perpendicular to the direction I’d like to view, so I’d like to mount the camera sideways on that wall.



This feature was requested like 5 years ago. Hopefully, Eufy can implement it soon.


Add my vote to the push for 90°, 180°, 270° rotate options. Currently enjoying a view down a long path which is taken up mainly by wall on one side, hedge on the other.
Portrait view would be much better.

mee too

@AnkerSupport it is ridiculous that this isn’t an option yet. People have been asking for this for 5 years! I was an early adopter and I’m still asking for it!


Add me to the list. Steps like these are such easy ways to keep customers happy….

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Limited mounting options prevent ideal orientation for the Eufy security camera, necessitating sideways mounting on a wall, perpendicular to the desired viewing direction. Similarly, concerning the display, the mounting options are limited, with sideways placement being the only viable choice. Unfortunately, the Eufy app lacks the function to rotate the camera image by 90 degrees, essential for aligning the camera feed with the intended viewing angle.

I’d add to this, because of the limited mounting options of the included mount (can’t mount on a horizontal surface (ceiling etc.), only vertical) it would be much more useful to be able to rotate the view. Also many of the cameras have a much wider than taller view so rotating at 90 degrees to get a view down a long narrow area like an alley or side of your house etc. would be nice.

In addition some cameras don’t even have the ability to flip 180 degrees such as the 2c/2c Pro.