Feature Request: Rotate camera image 90 degrees in app

Please provide the ability for users to rotate the camera image by 90 degrees in the app.
I have an area where the only mounting option is a wall that is perpendicular to the direction I’d like to view, so I’d like to mount the camera sideways on that wall.



This feature was requested like 5 years ago. Hopefully, Eufy can implement it soon.

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Add my vote to the push for 90°, 180°, 270° rotate options. Currently enjoying a view down a long path which is taken up mainly by wall on one side, hedge on the other.
Portrait view would be much better.

mee too

@AnkerSupport it is ridiculous that this isn’t an option yet. People have been asking for this for 5 years! I was an early adopter and I’m still asking for it!

Add me to the list. Steps like these are such easy ways to keep customers happy….