✅ Feature Request: Enable  HomeKit for Eufy Entry and Motion sensors

Dear Responsible of HomeBase 2 Firmware Development,

As an user a want to be able to add Eufy Entry and Motion sensors to HomeKit in order to create light automations to:

  • turn on lights automatically when entering in a room
  • trigger the lights faster, so Eufy cameras could pick the full sequence in color of an intruder at night.

Thanks in advance,

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Kind regards


NOTE: If you agrees with this proposal, please give a like. Thanks :slight_smile:


Agree would like to see the motion and entry sensors work with HomeKit.


100% agree would also like to see them exposed to HomeKit, currently use my cameras to turn on lights around the garden


I fully agree. I recently bought a whole bunch of Eufy equipment (indoor/outdoor cameras, motion sensors) and realized it’s as if they function in two separate ecosystems. Which is quite ridiculous. What is taking so long to provide firmware updates to all your products in the same page?


I fully agree, homekit support is essential. when is homekit support coming?

+1 would absolutely like to see this.