Feature request: be able to use SCHEDULE in the geofencing mode for when at home location


I have been using the Eufy cameras for some time now, and the hardware is great. However, there are a couple of functions that the software and app lacks in order to make the system really practical.

Since you are not able to use the “SCHEMA” when you are in geofencing mode, you are constantly switching between security modes, making the geofencing option useless.

The reason for this is when you are using geofencing you want the devices to use the SCHEMA mode when you are at home. So at night and during the day you can program different behaviours while at home, and while away from the house you can arm the alarm. Because this is not possible, geofencing is not the carefree solution it should be, and this is getting troublesome, because you still have to switch between modes manually. Like I mentioned, geofencing is kind of useless in this way.

So my request is, can the software be changed so in geofencing mode you cab do the following :

While at home location : SCHEMA MODE

While away from home location: AWAY

That would be a fantastic additional feature in the software.

Thanks in advance.

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I wish for this as well.