Feature Request - add S120's selective push notifications based on detection type to all camera devices

I just received my Solar Wall Light Cam S120 and discovered I can select to only receive push notifications for selected detection types… e.g. I can receive notifications for people and skip notification for other motion events while still recording them. Neither my Wireless Doorbell Cam nor Floodlight Cam S330 allow this selective notification.

Could you please provide the ability to record all events but only push notifications for selected detection types to all your camera devices? I really want to record everything happening on my property, but notifications are only necessary for people detected.

This is far and away my #1 wish for my Eufy devices. I was really disappointed to find out the feature exists on the Solar Cam but hasn’t been implemented anywhere else… why?


This is the only thing that is keeping me from going all-in on replacing Wyze with a Eufy system. The 4k cameras, Home base, no subscription, makes this a very competitive platform.

However, there is no point in having excellent cameras and all these detections when recordings and notifications cannot be separately configured and your forced to setup all of the alerts that will drive you crazy and want to turn off the whole system.

I want to record all events (motion, vehicles, people, pets) and be able to alert only on certain detections (people). This would make the security schedules even more useful because you could turn off most alerts during the day and then alert on more detections overnight, for example.


Plus one. This would be very useful if integrated into legacy devices.

I’d be more keen on this if it actually worked on the S120. I have mine set to human only and they trigger every time my dog goes by. There’s no difference between if I have it set to all or human only. :frowning: