Family and Friend notifications different

Why are notifications different for main account and added family and friends? When I get a notification on my iPhone, I click the notification which opens up the recorded event, I can see what has been recorded. But with my partner when she gets the same notification, and clicks to open, it only opens the Eufy app and not the recorded event? Why are they different? She can not view the recorded event until it eventually arrives but continuously has to swipe down to refresh which takes a minute or two? Why are they different?

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Very interesting point

About to raise this one

Just set up camera for my Nanna after having so much success with mine.
I set them up on my account and want to share with her to make it as easy as possible.

But now after receiving the motion notification, she has to go to events to find the clip.

I could so it the other way round but I immediately want to few the clip, where as it can take 20 seconds to appear in events.