Familiar Faces Missing on iOS?

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know if anyone else using a Homebase 3 with saved familiar faces are having the same issue as me where the saved names are still there but the images are missing? I am just seeing the names but not the pictures saved but if I check the app on Android all of the faces are there still so it seems to be iOS app version at fault.

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Yes same issue. Replacing them now, after replacement image shows as expected

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Hi, same issue here. I just mailed support. All familliar and all stranger face icons are empty.
For the familliar faces the names are still shwoing. I tried a restart of my homebase but that didn’t help. I also canmot retreive any video/data of familiar faces.
Anyone any ideas?

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Sadly so far no resolution other than starting over again and so far Eufy hasn’t responded to my support request. They must be aware of this problem and hopefully able to fix it for us so we don’t have to start over. Nest has familiar faces and they never break so yo would of thought them being kept locally stored they would be safer from such problems.

Makes no difference the useless piece of crap doesnt work as it should . Instead of saying stranger in notiacation, it says the name of the person. One day, this rip-off company will fix the stuff we paid for.

Apparently, Eufy are aware of this and it was due to a BUG in the latest firmware and they are working on a fix so hopefully in time the faces will show up again on iOS.

Same issue. The AI feature hasn’t been very good as is but this is disappointing.

Does anyone have an update about this? Or is it better to reset everything and start all over? Thanks!