False sense of security

So a £1 mask defeats a £200 ai doorbell camera. Not good is it. We’re still waiting for 2fa for the app and nas/RSTP support for doorbell camera. I feel that eufy are taking advantage of our custom. I won’t be purchasing anything else from anker/eufy again. They don’t listen to us and gives us false sense of security. If their servers go offline we can’t access our devices. We were promised that no cloud connection but they lied. The base station is connected to our routers so the base station should have built-in server for stand alone access for the app. Or even access via https Web server would be good so we have full access incase eufy cloud server goes offline again.


I am stunned to hear that Eufy Servers are required for this to work.

This is a HUGE LIE. This was sold as being stored LOCALLY, not requiring SERVERS i.e. “the cloud”

I will be contacting the appropriate agencies, as this is false advertising.


‘Safe Local Storage’ was what brought me to Eufy.

My 2 doorbells are sat on a table now and the cameras come down tomorrow. I’ll keep the inside cam because my dog has fun with it calling his name through the window when he’s in the back yard. Otherwise that would be boxed up too.

Well your footage is stored locally, it just requires eufy services to work with them. So that’s the catch. They never said it would run entirely off of the homebase, the storage just is.

In that sense it’s not really false advertising. At most they’re not telling you it runs through their services when, but must they do that?

It is when they use the “local not in cloud” as their main advantage over cloud based doorbell camera’s. They never mentioned that if their server’s go offline we can’t access our camera’s which defeats the purpose.

You can’t say storage is local when the app is the only means to access storage and live view is cloud based. If we had local access for our app too then they can say “local not cloud”