Failed to snooze / Failed to request (503)

With the newest firmware, I keep having snooze issues. When I select snooze, many times I get one of the following errors:
Failed to snooze
Failed to request (503)

I tried a lot of things. Restarting. Changing setting on the camera. Formatting the SD card. Nothing works.

It is a bit frustrating to have to keep pushing the snooze button for minutes, to get it working.

This happens on HomeBase 2 with eufyCam 2/2C, and IndoorCam PaT as well.

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With latest firmware and app updates, I’m also getting these error messages with trying to change any settings on any of my 2C cameras?

Same issue for me, very often , 503 error !

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me too really loke to know what up?

There is a new firmware update available so check and make sure your cameras are updated, this should help with the 503 errors everyone is getting.

Firmware is current and experiencing this issue as well.

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This is still an issue wtF?!