Failed to request(-148)

i am not able to see the live feed on the eufy and also not able to restart the homebase via app. all saying that failed to request(-148) not sure why?

I have indoor camera that is working perfectly fine.

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check if you had upgraded app. 476.

send it feedback to report issue.

Mine has started to show this today. Eufy fix one issue and cause more. Sick and tired of it to be fair. I live with PTSD and my anxiety is so bad it stopse going out and answering the door to people and need this system working properly and eufy don’t give a hoot to any of it’s customers and that’s very disappointing. I’m about ready to change to a different system if they don’t start to look after loyal customers.

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Mine is doing that now also, so annoying

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Also have this issue

Yep, also have this issue …

Same issue. Any cameras connected to the Homebase 3 gave that failed to request (-148) error. Cameras connected to wifi were working normally. All requests to the Homebase 3 had that error. Even trying to reboot it.

I went to the play store and there was an update for it. I updated the app and everything was working.

Update the app.

What app version are you on?

I’m on Android. Play store said it was updated Jan 16, 2024. V4.8.0_1955

I noticed it was taking up a lot of space.

  • App =179MB
  • Data = 154MB
  • Cache = 486MB
    Make sure to clear up data and cache. for the app.