Failed Request.(-129)on Home base unit

Did anyone come across this issue, working perfectly until a few app and firmware updates this month.

Eufy base issue, Unable To Create Customised Security Mode, every time comes up this (-129) error messages, happen on both my eufy home base with back up battery and home base 2 models, no issue last month.

I also find a similar post as well, apparently many people and more is having or will have this problem.

Not sure what has gone on here, previously has customised security modes on the app, went to create new and now the previous have gone!

Each time attempt to set one up keep getting “Failed Request 129”

signed out and back in / deleted the app and reinstalled, the issue remains.

Anyone else seen this or an Eufy server problem again…

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Due to the recent security issue, please try unplugging and restarting your homebase and see if this fixes the issue.

I have tried restart and reset home base, no luck

Yep the post mention was originally raised by myself to Eufy, I have over 20 mails back and forth with their support team with all sorts of recommendations and actions to resolve, the last one was to replace the HB!

Even asked to reset the HB which in my case is not really viable , this has clearly come from either app or HB firmware update which has messed this up.

Just got firmware update pushed over, issue still same…

Yep this is happening to me too :frowning: tried everything mentioned above and still not working

Same issue here, now have to rely on only three modes.

Same issue here, please fix

Still same, just posted again on my thread, Eufy need to accept they broke it…

The issue is still there Eufy…

Eufy, The problem is still there…

Eufy support doesn’t monitor this forum. If you need help, either email or call their support group.

At first Eufy told me it was an app issue (to do with my iPhone/iPad). Then they said it was an issue with the HomeBase and I’d need to factory-reset it, which I was very reluctant to do. I emailed them and asked them to confirm that it was definitely a HomeBase and not an app issue andand got no answer so I went ahead and factory-reset it (I couldn’t wait any longer). It worked but I lost all my data and had to set-up all of the devices on that homebase once again.

The CS contact has just emailed again to say that it is an app issue not a HomeBase issue (which I find very hard to believe). Obviously it’s too late for me to test their latest theory but, in case anyone is is still having the problem, it might be worth referring to what they have told me. They have asked for the serial number of my HomeBase so that they can fix the issue.


Now working again, mail this morning advising issue fixed and it was but no explanation on what was the issue causing the fault…

Yes. Nothing they suggested worked
Tried 3 times on each. They want me to reset HB. I will lose everything on 8 cameras
No worth it

I have the same problem with mine, looking forward to a result on this…