Faield to request (-204) error and connection problems

Hi. I have two Eufy cameras and a spotlight camera with the homebase. My cameras have been working fine for many months and now one of my cameras (rear yard) is not connecting. I charged it, restarted it, restarted the home base. It works when close to the homebase (up to maybe 20 metres) but when I reinstall it in the yard it will not connect. I got the (-204) error this morning. COuld you advise me what to do please.

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Error is (-203)

Hi, did you manage to sort the camera with error 204 , i have exact same error and problem on my system ,thanks

Yes. I can’t recall how, but I think I reset it and reconnected a few times. Brought it close to the home base as well. Working OK now.

I get that same error a few times a day from two outdoor cams. Eufy is unreliable garbage.


I’ve a large number of camera’s installed and have very often glitches like the one discribed (-204). I - unfortunately - have to agree that the Eufy security eco-system is not reliable and comes more across as a poor designed toy that a genuine trustworthy security setup.

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