Facial Recognition - Persons


recently bought a Eufycam2 3 cam kit.

When the cameras manage to notice a face in the videos , I can see a thumbnail of the person, but no availability to actually create a “person”, and for example make the camera flag a person as a resident/ family member and reduce/ skip recordings of that person.

Is this a feature that is being actively worked on, since it would be a great feature to have the camera recognize “friend or foe”.


Hi @olafurns, for the facial recognition feature, it is exclusive for the eufycam first generation.

So only the Homebase 1 supports facial recognition and allows you to save the face ID for your friends and family from your eufy security app. And all the cameras that have been added on the Homebase 1 will support this feature as well.

The eufycam 2 supports other new features compared to the previous model, the user can choose the eufycam depends on the preference. We are constantly working on creating new products and improving the existing ones and it is users like you that inspire us to continue down this path.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.


Isn’t it a bit if of a downgrade to have the second generation with worse face recognition, since it feels a bit half baked only picking up the faces and not having anything more to do with them.

And AFAIK you don’t sell the gen1 on your website?

I’d very much be onboard to have this feature as a cloud subscription thing if the hardware can’t manage it.


Same request here. Just bought a 3pack eufycam 2 with HomeBase 2… Would definitely like to option to add Facial Recognition and setup persons as a friend or foe!


Anker may be relying on 3rd party integrations to provide facial recognition AI. Such as Apple Homekit Secure Video which is rumoured to include the facial recognition feature in IOS 14.

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Yep same here too, especially since in their add it says facial recognition soooo you would think you would be able to identify fam members. Now it turns out i can not do anything with the faces it identifies!!! It was one of the things why we bought this cam (and of course that it is wireless and its connection to NAS) Anyway i am disappointed :frowning: so i hope they will ADD IT.
Still busy tweeking my activity zones then i need to look into on how it will connect to Synology DS218.

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Since I have two AppleTV’s at home, and a lot of iOS devices I tested doing the HomeKit integration today, and it indeed has facial recognition that is only in the HomeKit app.

Still a sore miss that it isn’t in the original Eufy app, but after doing this integration I might just start to use the Home app from Apple all together.

It also offers a more flexible activity zone creator.

I also thought, facial recognition is available, as it was in the previous version of the cams. Just the face detection is more or less useless. The permanent push notification just because i empty the bin start to annoy me. This and the hardly working activity zones realy make me think about returning and switch to another system

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Thanks for everyones discussion. I just bought the 2K doorbell with the expectation of Facial Recognition to identify friend or foe.

I was literally about to buy a whole Eufy camera suite pack and wifi door lock tomorrow, to expand facial recognition capabilities and door points around the home property like garage side door, front door, porch, etc. Later the farm too. Front gates, driveway, front doors, property gates, shed entries etc. I want to know if it’s friends/family to ignore, or foes/unknowns to be alerted!

Pretty UPSET that Facial Recognition has been DOWNGRADED to just Person recognition. Ultimately I was hoping to be made aware WHO is where around properties. I may have to return the Eufy purchase tomorrow instead. :frowning:

That Is sad. I’ve just discovered it too and can’t get it. At least I understand now why they told me in the shop there are some ppl preferring the first generation. Together with the UPS battery missing in the homebase it is definitely a step back.

Can you please detail how to see up facial recognition for family please. I have been unable to find any reference in the app for Eufy cams. Thanks

Here it is September 2022 and still no facial recognition for the Ufy cam 2 and Base 2 This one one of the main reason I recently purchased your product as it was in the sales material with no mention of Base 1 or Base2 requirement. I want a refund and will be contacting my CC company to refute the charge…