Extremely Delayed Notifications

I always get super delayed notifications from my cameras. I have a video doorbell, two 2k indoor pan & tilt cameras and a 2k indoor camera. I’m talking several hr delays then all of the notifications will go off at one time or sometimes never at all.

Anyone else having this issue? I like Eufy but this makes the product kind of useless if it’s going to do this a couple of times per week.


Anyone else having this issue?

I’ve recently installed a battery-powered video doorbell, and I’m noticing very long delays too. At least in my case it’s minutes rather than hours, but we shouldn’t have to wait more than a couple of seconds for a doorbell press notification.

I assume by the way that the notification does come across the internet, even within the house where I’m on the same network as the Home Base.

I’m wondering if my phone’s connection to the internet was slow, although it’s connected to my home wifi, so it should be OK.

Does anyone have suggestions as to what can cause delayed notifications?

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I guess no one here has had the same problem? I have a Pixel 2 and receive delayed notifications. My partner has a Pixel 3 and gets instant notifications. No clue why the difference. The settings on both phones is exactly the same.

Make sure that you have power saving exclusions set for the Eufy app. If you don’t, after a while, the app won’t respond to notifications becasue the battery saver shuts it down. Depending on the Android version, go to Apps, Special access, Power savings exclusions and select the Eufy app.


Why doesn’t Eufy tell us these these things on set up instructions? Many thanks for the info!

I’m going to try this for an issue with my cameras.

For me I think it’s:

special access
optimise battery usage
The use the drop down to choose “all”
Then toggle the Eufy app to off (grey rather than blue)