External siren as homebase 2 is too quiet

Please can we have an external siren for eople to know an alarm is going off. The homebase 2 alarm us not loud enough for neighbours or passers by to hear.


Alternatively enable us to use 3rd party sirens either directly from the app or using an Alexa routine when the alarm sounds.


Many requests for this one…….


Yet again my full support!

I would buy multiple sirens, extra indoor and outdoor. Especially battery powered sirens give some great new options, Perhaps 1 on every floor inside and a few outside.

Alarm sound is one of the main deterrents, if it’s not loud enough, it won’t work!


Come one Eufy…
Listen to your customers.

If you do not provide an option to use an external / outdoor sirene you will not win from competitors…
This is something that should be on top of your list!!


Eufy, make yours an open system. You key competitor is Ring…you don’t beat them with just superior tech, make it an open system. Siren sound is a major drawback of your system. Without louder + multiple siren points, your system is worthless. Allow external sirens, it will definitely improve your value a lot. Amazon will never allow Ring to be an open system…that’s their weak point, you should beat them there.


Everyone should email eufy support requesting improvements. It is utterly ridiculous to have an internal sounder that noone external can hear and that someone can just unplug.

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