External Battery powered Alarm speaker

It would be great if you guys would design a battery powered external speaker that would sound the alarm on the outside of the home to alert neighbors of interior alarm activation. Something that would draw the attention to the home. The alarms from the home base are great if you’re in the house but if you’re just walking by you can’t hear it outside.


100% I would buy straight away


Even better, a home siren AND a smoke + CO detector in one. Just like Google Nest Protect that would be AWESOME and would instantly buy.



Something loud please, loud and with a flashing light!


I’d like it too

I don’t understand why this isn’t a thing - an even just let the camera and the doorbell use their own built-in speakers as alarms!

I would like to see this as well!

Would love to mount this indoors up out of reach. Take all attention off my homebase that needs to be left alone.

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When are we going to get a reasonable alarm because the existing one is a joke my mobile ringtone is louder

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Do they actually pay attention to these threads. An external motion sensor and external siren are obvious improvements. Wish they’d get on it.