Extend the battery life of your cameras, get a keypad!

Hi everybody!

For some time now, I’m the proud owner of a number of eufycams.
Over time, research, watching reviews and careful reading, I expanded the set up with the 2k battery doorbell and entry/motion sensors. I would like to share my story with you.
One thing that kept annoying me, was that the other people in my house did not have the same discipline as I did when it came to switching profiles when going in the backyard or working in the frontyard.

The consequence: countless of unjustified recordings and notifications!

Then I came across the keypad. At first, it wasn’t well received and deemed useless ‘because you have the app for that’. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong! The keypad is used very often and works perfectly and faster than the app. The unjustified recording stats have plummeted and battery levels haven’t gone down since I started using it.
This is what it looks like:

Aside from the camera battery life increase, there’s also other stuff you get with it. I could not find that much about the keypad on the internet, so I will expand upon that. Here’s what I found:

  • an emergency button on the keypad, press 3 seconds to sound the alarm and send out notifications
  • when approaching the keypad, it lights up the button of the active mode. In the dark it lights up all the keys
  • an additional profile in the app called ‘Off’ that is fully configurable (so kind of a fourth custom profile)
  • a CUS button on the keypad which you can map to any profile (including Geofencing and Schedule, except for Disarmed)
  • option to auto end the alarm after 30 seconds
  • enable or disable the ‘alarm off’ button on the back of the homebase
  • option to fast switch from Off to any mode and from any mode to Away, no need to enter any code
  • a cool beep when you’re in ‘leave delay’
  • allow for 5 unique codes to change the working mode, with scheduling. Ideal for when you want the maid to only be able to change modes during a specific day and time. In the app you will see who changed the mode
  • a silent alarm through a special code: everyone gets a notification and email stating something is wrong
  • no need to set up the app for people outside the household for when you’re on vacation: only allow mode changes without letting them stream the cameras or change settings
  • you can use it as a remote, take it off the mount and put it next you if for whatever reason you need to

So are there any drawbacks? Well, the keypad is a physical device and is always visible in the house. With a dimension of 12cm by 12cm it is not small.
In my few weeks of using it, I haven’t come across any shortcomings. I use the whole setup with motion sensors around the house which sound the alarm when it isn’t disarmed in time.

The alarm system is still ‘young’ and I like that it’s actively developed: from homebase 2 firmware you can disable the leave/alarm delay sounds on the homebase. One thing I hope is that they add the feature that the keypad beeps in ‘alarm delay’ the same way it does in ‘leave delay’.


Needed info! nice job

Wouldn’t go back to “camera life” without it. Highly recommended addition.

Nice writeup @John0 Thanks for sharing :+1:

@John0 Thank you for the overall review and insights!! I own several Eufy Homebases…I just wish they would allow them to group certain bases together on one keypad, instead of purchasing one for each base.

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Can Eufy not just make a profile that turns off the camera for a certain amount of time? They have a snooze notification icon. Just make one that turns off the camera for a certain amount of time. That would solve the issue with the battery. I like the idea of the pad but I would have to have 4 of them for all the entrances.

this is exacly what i need, i have 2 homebase and i want to use only one Keypad.
please add that feature