Extend alarm range with two HomeBase 2

I would like to know if there is a chance to connect two Homebase 2 so the alarm will launch on both elements.
I’m requesting it because I placed the homebase in a point of the house where it connects the other sensors and a camera but it is not near my bedroom.
My intention is to hear when the alarm is triggered and an additional synchronized homebase will be sufficient, It will also give the opportunity to connect to it a second keyboard so I would be able to enable customized security modes when I’m in my home at night but don’t want to trigger the alarm.

Best regards.

There is no option to connect to a homebase from a homebase. They will be operating individually at all times.

This is something that should be fixed, otherwise, on larger houses or with two floors it won’t notify you if someone triggers the alarm on the farthest away HomeBase, they must be unified.

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