🚀 Experience the Power of Innovation with Our New Dual-Cam Product!

Hey eufy fans,

We’re thrilled to introduce our innovative Dual Cam products. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, it’s designed to enhance your experience like never before. :heart_eyes:

Our new lineup includes the SoloCam S340, Floodlight Cam E340, Indoor Cam S350, and Video Doorbell E340. Each device within the dual-camera lineup can be easily paired with eufy’s HomeBase S380, enabling access to expandable local storage of up to 16 TB - sufficient for up to six months of round-the-clock recorded video data, all with no monthly fee.

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:new: Indoor Cam S350

An excellent choice for a nanny camera, keeping an eye on your loved ones has never been easier.

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:new: SoloCam S340

Your top choice for a solar-powered security camera without subscription.

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:new: Floodlight Cam E340

Perfect for all security-conscious looking for security light and cameras.

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:new: Video Doorbell E340

Your package guard doorbell without subscription.

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Check it out now and let us know your thoughts. We’re always here to provide the best for our community. Stay tuned for more updates! :rocket:

The eufy Security team