Every time you guys update your system everything gets funked up

Every time you guys have an update it fucks my whole system up. Now my cameras won’t even pair to the home base.


Since the last updates all my 2 Pro cameras are not picking up motion until right next to next to them? Motion at the highest, was much better before updates. Every update something is much worse, why?


Motion detection is almost non-existent since the last firmware updates to my 2 Pro camera’s? Worked great before updates. Have changed the viewing angle, changed to highest motion setting, have no activity zones set but motion is very sporadic. Not good for a security!

Why is something always worse when updates are implemented? Are there any tests from Eufy before releasing updates? Why are we, the users not able to select when to update? We should receive a notification that there is a update, and be able to select when to update when it suits the user.


Try rebooting the homebase. That has solved any post-update problem I had in the past.

Got the same here with unable to create custom security modes, oh and my previous ones just disappeared!!!

I restart my Homebase’s everyday. Still the same? Only since the last update has all my 2 Pro cameras motion detection almost non-existent?
Settings are all correct?

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